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ГРС 13 с ЧПУ (Фрезерование фланца турбины)
ГРС 130 с ЧПУ (Обработка коробки передач)
ГРС 105 с ЧПУ (Глубокое сверление)
ГРС 13 с ЧПУ + HUI 50 (Фрезерование стартера паровой турбины)
ГРС 13 с ЧПУ (Фрезерование и сверление вагонов метро)

Dear partners and colleagues,

GRS Ural, JSC is a machine-tool joint venture of TOS Varnsdorf  company from Czech Republic and KR Group, LLC from Russia. It was established with the support of Sverdlovsk region Government.

The main objective of the enterprise is modern machining equipment manufacturing in Russia in order to provide technical re-equipment of Russian enterprises.

Another enterprise development line is to provide industrial localization in Russia. The present level of localization (16%) is to be increased up to 60-70% by 2017.

The first assembling plant of horizontal boring and portal milling centres started in October of 2013. The plant area is 2500 square meters. We assembled 11 and 18 high performance CNC machines in 2013 and 2014 respectively. The plan for 2015 is to produce 32 high technology machining centres.

In April of 2014, GRS Ural, LLC started the second stage of the project including engineering and building of the full-scale plant with the production capacity of 150 machines/year. The total administrative and production area will be 32.000 square meters. The construction is planned to be finished by 2016 – 2017.

In addition to the high technology equipment, GRS Ural, LLC provides the full range of accompanying and additional services (customer training courses, installation, warranty and post-warranty customer service). Besides, the company supplies spare parts and gives other optional services.

The production of GRS Ural, LLC has already gained the credit of its customers as a reliable high technological equipment that meets all modern requirements and standards. The president of Russian Association of machine-tool manufacturers “Stankoinstrument” Georgiy Samodurov sais: “The creation of enterprises like GRS Ural, LLC makes possible to achieve in Russia the universal and strategic objective of creation of knowledge intensive and high technology manufacturing in order to guarantee technologic safety of the country.”